About Us

Chris Longano is an arctic explorer.  He is generally credited with having coined the phrase "thank god it's friday" despite there being no daily distinguishable differences in the snowy desert.  In an effort to stay warm, Chris first read Ian Flemming during an expedition to the Svalbard and quickly became known for replacing the emergency flares with jars of olives and shaking martinis with glacial ice.

Ian Marvinney was a navy test pilot until he completed a barrel roll in an experimental spy plane.  The move, described by one four star general as "so bad-ass that I peed a little,”  forced Ian into a parallel plane of existence which was just a long, white hallway filled with spy books.  He lingered in the Flemming section in an effort to stay warm until the spy plane crashed and he snapped back into reality. 

This got a little weird.  Should I take another crack at it?